Capture Leads

the sitch watch app

Quickly capitalising on interested leads is paramount to converting, and for in-person interactions, Sitch is the ultimate tool for this.

A paper business card will easily be forgotten about, but with a Profile Sitch, the interested party can either instantly add you as a contact or send you their details. Don't wait and hope that they will reach back out to you. Instead, make it obscenely easy for them to send you their details instantly.

Customer Service

A customer asks for something and the solution is somewhere on the internet; sound familiar? If so, Sitch is for you. Share forms, files, links, and more with a Sitch Device to deliver sublime customer interactions and give them exactly what they're looking for.

You can also use Sitch to collect customer feedback, or take credit card payments without requiring a payment terminal.

the sitch watch app

Here are some examples of Sitch Sites that you could share with your card for customer service


the sitch watch app
  • Stay independent: Build a functional business website in under 30 minutes with the Sitch platform. E-commerce, lead forms, booking, and everything else you need. You can even customise it with your own colors and branding.
  • Stay mobile: A single Sitch Device is all you need to carry around. Keep it in your wallet, on your wrist, or attached to your phone. Whatever works.
  • Be prepared: Every digital resource a customer or lead could feasibly need can be invoked with a tap. Share your contact info with a Profile Sitch, set up appointments with a Booking Sitch, or take payment for products or services with a Shop Sitch.

Here are some examples of Sitch Sites that you could share with your card for freelancing