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Others tap or scan your Sitch Card to...
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Sitch Devices

Free Shipping
Easy Refunds
Secure Checkout
Files, forms, links, contact info, playlists... Sharing digital stuff face to face is a pain, but a Sitch Device can instantly share exactly what you want, anytime.
NFC and QR code sharing
Custom logo cards
Multiple profiles
Accept payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay
Digital stores for both online and in-person selling
Link lists and redirects
Combine the above into one tap/scan
Re-assign a card to do any of the above on the fly
Backend to track forms, payments, bookings etc.

How it works

Make your Sitches at mysitch.app. Sitches are custom web pages.
Select a Sitch for the moment using our phone or Wear OS/watchOS apps.
Select a Sitch to try it out.
Tap one of your Sitch Devices to someone's phone to share it.

After signing up on mysitch.app. You can start making single purpose web pages called Sitches. You can make Sitches to take payments, share links like a Calendly or Google form, sell products, start chats, book appointments, give out forms, share files, and much more.

You then select the Sitch you want for the moment and tap. It's that simple.

No apps to download. Just tap or scan your newly purchased Sitch Device to get set up instantly. The phones you tap don't need to download anything either and it works on both Android and iOS devices.

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Sitch for the...

You can combine Sitches into simple websites and share them with your Sitch Devices or as a link. Here are some examples.

How to share Sitches

With a Sitch Device

For face-to-face interactions. People can scan or tap your device to open your active Sitch. You can buy one here (this store was made with a Shop Sitch).

QR Code

Print your QR code at mysitch.app and tape it to your counter, window, or put it in a plaque. Then use it as a payment terminal, guest sign up, event guide, WiFi login, for contact tracing, to share your menu, or whatever else.


Every Sitch has a short link that you can use to share it. You can customize the link to whatever is available. Sign up to reserve your preferred links.


If you already have a site, you can expand its functionallity by embedding Sitches. Our blog, contact form, faq, and store are all embedded Sitches. You can learn how to do this here.

Questions or inquiries?
Use our Contact Sitch.